Welcome aboard; time to go to work


That was quite a song the fat lady sang this time.

When all the music stopped the fat lady said we will see a changing of the guard next month.

Mayor-elect Kenny Talton will be sworn in at the Dec. 2 monthly meeting of the town board of commissioners.

Talton ousted incumbent Mayor Joe Scott for the elected seat. The new game is on now.

Talton has some big shoes to fill, because Scott was a highly-motivated, active and involved mayor.

Now, it is time to respond to what the majority of the voters said they wanted: change. It is also time to get away from what has often been a treacherous, downright vicious campaign.

The people of Mount Olive have spoken. I will watch it all as it unfolds in the weeks and months ahead.

Talton is not new on the scene. He is a lifelong resident of Mount Olive and served a number of terms on the town board of commissioners. He is also a former town employee.

He campaigned for a new way to get the town back on track. I never saw it as being off track in recent years.

Talton must begin working immediately to get the respect of town employees ­— from bottom to top. He will assume the mayor’s seat with an experienced town board and an experienced town manager.

Still, it will be a different and difficult road ahead for Talton.

I hope he will get in the game with what is best for the entire town in mind.

The election is over and it is time to put differences aside and work with direction and unity. We need that in the days ahead.

Hopefully, the “Talton Team” will work as hard to move Mount Olive ahead as it worked to win the election.

I have known Kenny Talton for a number of years, and I am confident he will operate the mayor’s office with dignity and transparency and serve everyone with equal respect.

Unseating an incumbent is not an easy chore, so apparently there was enough dissatisfaction to support a change. It is a new day and a new mayor, and working together for what is best for the people of Mount Olive will bring more sunshine than rain.

Hopefully, the new mayor will be a strong supporter of affordable housing and work aggressively to achieve it.

Welcome aboard, Kenny.

Welcome aboard, young man.

Welcome aboard, mayor.

The fun is over. Now it’s time to go to work.


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