Teachers need protection too


Video cameras being worn as routine gear by police and law enforcement officers in departments across the country have proven to provide the evidence to clear officers of wrongdoing or convict them of the same. It works.

Locally, officers are required to wear them and have them turned on. Mount Olive was the first department in the county to use the body cams.

Prior to moving to the use of this high tech gear, police here were continuously accused of everything under the sun. But, when they started using the cameras, the accusations came to an abrupt halt. The whining and complaining ended. The vast majority of it was a complete waste of everyone’s time.

Cameras simply don’t lie. Tape recorders don’t either.

I started using a tape recorder years ago, and immediately all the accusations of misquoting or being taken out of context ended.

It all ends up to this — why not have our teachers wear body cams to let parents see how their children act in the classroom? I think it is a fantastic idea.

All those little darlin’s in the classrooms of our public schools are not all angels. Many are spoiled brats, and most likely a replica of their complaining, whining parents.

The cameras do not lie, and will settle any discussion about whether little Johnny needs some home schooling in the woodshed. It could also weed out some teachers who are there for a paycheck and could care less about their students.

Did the teacher really slap or use excessive force in disciplining little Johnny as he claimed? Did little Johnny’s temper tantrum, screaming and hollering disrupt her class, as teacher claimed? Review the camcorder. It tells it as it is and clears up any question as to who is at fault.

We live in a society that more often than not stretches the truth. Our teachers and our children in the classrooms need protection.

Teachers have a difficult job in the classroom today, and perhaps we expect too much from them.

I spent 12 years in the public school system, and actually never ran across a single teacher that was not genuine and caring about what they were doing.

I am sure the vast majority of teachers today are of the same makings, but the times have changed and the use of cameras can protect them and their students.

How about it Wayne County, North Carolina, legislators?

Sounds like a great idea to me.

A great way to quickly end the fussin’ and cussin’ before it graduates to cuttin’ and shootin’.


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