Pick the winner of each of the games listed below. The entry with
the most winners wins the contest. In the event of a tie, the tie
breaker determines the winner, first predicting the right team in
the selected game to win and the fewest number of points away
from the actual score of the game.

One entry per physical address or email address each week.
Decisions of the judges are final. Entries are limited to zip codes
that begin with 275, 278, 283, and 285 and area codes 919, 910,

Mail your entry by 5pm Friday, Sept 21. 214 NE Center Street, PO Box
667, Mount Olive, NC 28365. Mailed entries must be postmarked
no later than Friday. Enter online at
Or drop off your entry at Lee Inc. on Hwy. 55
in Mount Olive by Friday, Sept. 21.

Deadline to enter is Friday, Sept. 21 at 5pm

Pigskin Football Contest

Pigskin Football Contest


This Contest Prize:

4 tickets to Old Dominion at ECU on Saturday, Sept. 29.



Mount Olive Tribune
214 NE Center Street, PO Box 667, Mount Olive, NC 28365