Calypso Recreation Board resigns

By Barry Merrill

Tribune Publisher

Earlier this year some young parents volunteered to serve on the Calypso Recreation Board, vowing to work to clean up a number of problems. After a spring and summer ball season, almost all of the exhausted parents have resigned.

Calypso Recreation Commissioner Cynthia Reynolds delivered the bad news to the town board at their meeting last Monday night.

Mrs. Reynolds did not go into great detail, but said young volunteers in the department have made bad and inappropriate financial decisions with little oversight and guidance, not necessarily reflecting on the most recent recreation board.

“It’s a real job,” she said, reflecting on the number of responsibilities. Mrs. Reynolds suggested the town take it back over and consider paying a director, as the responsibilities are too great to expect untrained volunteers to supervise. Some members of the board agreed.

In other business, Commissioner David Tyndall complained about iron deposits in town water and asked that the town hydrants be flushed. Water Commissioner Bill Rose said they would start flushing hydrants on weekends soon.

Commissioner Debbie Jones received approval to plan a Christmas Tree Lighting on Sunday, November 25 at the town park.  She also said a Trunk or Treat was being planned for Halloween by area churches.

Mrs. Jones also discussed the work on getting dilapidated houses in town inspected, and said they have been encountering delays.

Jeff Parker came before the board to complain about his mother’s neighbor’s home. The residence was purchased but never re-occupied; the owner occasionally makes some minor repairs, but Mr. Parker said the house is falling into greater disrepair.

“There is a tree growing up at the front door,” Mr. Parker said. A fallen tree in the back yard fell across his mother’s fence.

Mrs. Jones said she would include the home on the target list of dilapidated structures.

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