Town buys banners to dress up downtown

By William Holloman

Staff Writer

Residents and merchants will soon see new seasonal banners in the downtown business district as Mayor Joe Scott continues with his downtown beautification program.

Twelve new fall-themed banners will replace those now up in the downtown area between James and Main Streets. Current banners reflect a patriotic theme.

Two other banners in a different style have also been done and will be put up at the local airport and at the Chamber of Commerce office on Center Street. Scott said those banners are somewhat similar to roll-up-type window shades. They reflect details of the town’s history and are designed to welcome people as they come in to town at the airport or at the chamber, said the Mayor.

Mayor Scott also has plans for new winter banners to go up in the downtown area as the season approaches.

Mayor Scott’s downtown beautification plans also call for colorfully painting a dozen fire hydrants in the downtown Center Street area. Local artists are volunteering to help with that effort.

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