MO begins knocking down eyesores

By William Holloman

Staff Writer

Another residential eyesore in town has been taken down. The latest removal was a structure at 110 Pollock Street, and Mayor Joe Scott said the clean-up effort is far from over.

“We are going to piece by piece get rid of these structures that are nothing more than an eyesore in our community,” Scott said.

He told the Tribune that right now, the effort is zeroed in on Pollock Street, between Breazeale Avenue and Church Street. “We are not singling out this area or the south end of town, because it is a problem throughout town,” said Mayor Scott.

He said it had to start somewhere, and is a clean-up project he plans to see through. Scott said he wants residents to know that the demolition of the structure at 110 Pollock Street signals the town’s resolve to move forward with clean-up plans. However, it is expensive, and the town can only demolish such sites as funds are available.

He said demolitions cost the town between $3,000 and $8,000 each. Those expenses sometimes are recovered, but usually the town has to pursue a lien against the property owner. Mayor Scott said there are ways to work out such payments, but if it does not happen, then the town will ultimately take over ownership of the property and put it up for public auction.

He said it is a long and expensive process, but there are no plans to stop the clean-up effort. “We want to clean up our town and get it back to where we can have pride in our downtown area—the way it used to be,” Scott said.

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