MO considers changes to animal ordinance

By William Holloman

Staff Writer

Another public hearing on animal control regulation changes is scheduled for the September 10 meeting of the Mount Olive Town Boards of Commissioners.

A five-member committee appointed two months ago by Mayor Joe Scott has been working on proposed changes and plans for stricter enforcement. The town board will be asked after the public hearing to approve the changes.

Those committee members who have come up with a revised ordinance included chairman Jonathan Scott; members are town code enforcement officer Erin Lambert, town commissioners Steve Wiggins and Harlie Carmichael, and Town Manager Charles Brown.

The new proposed ordinance is similar to the one currently operating in the City of Goldsboro, the town manager said.

Initially the committee, appointed by the mayor, was hesitant in moving forward due to revisions also underway in the county’s animal control ordinance. However, the town manager told the Tribune that Wayne County is an agricultural county and some of the county regulations would not work in town.

Most of the proposed revisions deal with setbacks and distances where some animals, such as horses, will be allowed in town. The revisions will not require any changes in the town’s assistance from the county for enforcement. The changes also maintain the limit of ownership of no more than three dogs per household.

Brown said the town is not equipped to run a shelter and will continue its current arrangement with the county for that part of enforcement.

Mayor Scott has already directed stricter enforcement of animal issues in town.

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