Shots fired into Oliver St. home

By William Holloman

Staff Writer

Mount Olive Police are still investigating a shooting on Oliver Street that startled five people inside the residence watching television. All miraculously escaped injury.

Investigators at this point have no suspect and no motive for the shooting.

The incident happened in the early morning on August 13 at 602 Oliver Street, police said. Between five and seven bullets were fired into the residence. One bullet, police said, traveled through an interior wall and lodged in the bathroom bathtub drain. Two other bullets passed through an interior wall and lodged in a mattress several people were sitting on.

The complaint was filed by Feadarius Smith.

Officers said they responded to a call about shots being fired into a residence on Oliver Street. Police said as they arrived at the scene they did not observe anyone leaving the area, and discovered no one was hurt.

The five people inside told police as they were watching television, they heard gunfire and bullets striking the house. Police said the victims told them they all took cover on the floor. They told police they did not see anything and did not hear a vehicle leaving the area.

Officers said they recovered handgun projectiles. Damage to a window pane, house siding, and an interior wall was set at $350.

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