Ward says DCSD responses unacceptable

By Barry Merrill

Tribune publisher

The Faison Town Board unanimously renewed their contract with the Duplin County Sheriff’s Department to provide law enforcement coverage in the town earlier this month. One town commissioner said the deputies serving the town should do better at times.

Town Commissioner Billy Ward is an officer in the town’s fire department. While agreeing the town should renew the contract, Commissioner Ward felt the board was slighted as no one from the Sheriff’s Department requested the contract extension in person, and the board had no opportunity to offer feedback on their service to the town.

Mr. Ward complained that a drug overdose was reported to the Sheriff’s Department in the middle of the night recently, and a deputy did not respond until more than an hour later. He said there was “no excuse,” and that the response time for a department that provides 24-hour, 7-days-a-week coverage for the town was unacceptable.

He said there were other instances, as well.

Faison Public Works Director Jimmy Tyndall defended the DCSD’s responses to his requests.

Faison Mayor Carolyn Kenyon agreed to ask the department to send a representative to appear before the town board.

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