MOPD getting cars, cams, eyes in the sky

By William Holloman

Staff Writer

Mount Olive’s Police Department is poised to get three new cruisers and new, up-to-date body cameras for all 16 officers during the next few months.

The funds for the new cars and equipment, said Police Chief Tommy Brown, have already been approved by the town board in the new fiscal year budget. Town officials said all the new equipment and cars should be in use around October.

“We have some older-model cruisers that are approaching or beyond 200,000 miles and are simply worn out,” Chief Brown said. The police chief said officials try to approve funds annually to replace two or three vehicles because of the number of miles they run up.

He also said the town board also approved the funds in the new budget to purchase new body cameras for all 16 of the department’s officers.

In addition to funds for those upgrades, funds were also set aside to purchase three more high-crime-area surveillance cameras to be installed during the next few months at undisclosed locations. Monitors and server equipment for those new cameras will also be upgraded, the chief said.

“It is just much more security for the citizens of Mount Olive and we appreciate what the town board does to support us in providing new equipment and technology needed in law enforcement today,” said Chief Brown.

Cost of the new cameras is approximately $10,000 annually under a five-year contract. New cruisers usually run about $20,000 each.

“Our officers are out there around the clock risking their lives, and we want to make sure they have the best and latest equipment to protect themselves and the people of Mount Olive,” Chief Brown told the Tribune.

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