Calypso Planning Board meets without committee

By Barry Merrill

Tribune Publisher

The emotionally-charged debate over establishment of a business zone in Calypso will again be before the town board this Monday (July 2) night. There may be fireworks—during the meeting.

The town’s planning board met Thursday night with the mayor and two town board members in attendance, but three other town board members were conspicuously absent.

Calypso Town Board members Larry Cashwell, Bill Rose, and David Tyndall last month rejected a motion to adopt a business zone after a public hearing. That triggered an emotional reaction from Calypso Planning Board Chairman Roger Davis, who left the meeting shortly afterwards.

After the planning board members left, the board continued to discuss the business zone and worked out an acceptable compromise. Calypso Mayor Rubylene Lambert immediately appointed the three opposing town commissioners to a committee to meet with the planning board to work out a compromise proposal.

Commissioner Larry Cashwell apparently had left on a fishing trip Thursday, but he and Mr. Davis, personal friends, met before Mr. Cashwell left.

The town board by consensus agreed to honor the request that Mr. Cashwell’s property be excluded in the business zone, and seemingly had no other major problems with the proposal. The planning board failed to recommend any changes to the business zone ordinance that will come back before the town board Monday.

The planning board, according to Chairman Roger Davis, did modify the regulations that impact mobile homes in the residential side of town, as recommended by the town board.

Mr. Davis also reported that two applications for solar farms were recommended to the town board.

A zoning change will also be presented for approval.

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