School board votes to bid gym, classrooms

By Barry Merrill

Tribune Publisher

With some assurances that additional funds were available to the county, Wayne County School Board members voted unanimously to seek bids on a full competition gym and a classroom wing at Southern Wayne last Tuesday night.

The vote came at the regular monthly meeting, but followed some informal lobbying and formal requests to complete the long promised construction at the school.

The request to bid the whole project was made by former Southern Wayne principal Tim Harrell. Dr. Harrell was named an Assistant Superintendent to replace the retiring Dan Sauls during the meeting.

Mount Olive Mayor Joe Scott made a dramatic announcement: the long discussed possible loss of $1.5 million in low wealth funding  had been averted.

He handed out a press release from State Representative Jimmy Dixon of Calypso, who presently represents Wayne County, announcing the restoration of the funding to the county.

In addition, in the state budget negotiations announced earlier in the day, he and Majority Leader, State Representative John Bell of Rosewood, secured an additional $600,000 in school construction money for the county.

Tribune Publisher Barry Merrill also spoke to the school board, urging them in view of the additional money available and support from the county commissioners, to seek both the full gym and classrooms.

The board vote was unanimous.

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