S. Center, Maple Sts. drainage project underway

by William Holloman

Staff writer

Rainfall in Mount Olive on Tuesday of last week measured at three inches of water and it created the usual flooding issues, but nothing serious and no sewage spills.

It left the usual water standing in the South Center Street/Maple Street area.

But, a flood control project is underway. According to the town officials it could be completed within two months, weather permitting.

The critical area has been brought to the attention of town officials for several years by a concerned citizens group.

An engineering review estimated correcting the flood problem would cost the town about $150,000.That price, however, would be for an outside contractor. The town has decided to do the work with “in house labor.”

Town manager Charles Brown said he expects the expense to the town to be around $20,000 for the materials.

He told the Tribune he expected to have all the needed storm water catch basins in place by the end of last week.

He said the project involves replacing all the storm water lines from Southwest Center Street (the railroad tracks) all the way to Breazeale Avenue.

It called for replacement of all the catch basins in that area as well.

He said the big savings is a blessing. The only downside of using town personnel to do the work, is they can at any time be called off the job for more important issues, such as a break in a water line elsewhere.

Brown said the personnel doing the South Center/Maple Street project are the same personnel who repair water and sewer leaks elsewhere.

“If they are on the current Maple Street project and there is a water or sewer leak elsewhere they have to stop immediately and make the leak repair elsewhere,” said Brown.

If the work were to be done under contract, the town manager said the firm would begin the project and stay on it until it is completed.

Town personnel cannot always do that, he said.

The town manager said he hopes impacted residents will understand that, but the work does continue and when completed should ease the issue of water standing in the streets of the area.

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