Mayor still irked over trashy streets

by William Holloman

Staff writer

A month ago, the Mount Olive Town Board of Commissioners directed a crackdown and approved local “beefed up” legislation to enforce ridding the town of trash.

Mayor Joe Scott had urged citizens to cooperate.

However, the Mayor now says since the new regulations are in place he is not seeing any improvement and is getting irked about it. He said it is time for it to improve now.

He said he wants the new regulations approved by the town board to begin biting with some teeth and getting into the pocketbooks of violators.

Scott told the Tribune one of the worst places in town is along Pollock Street.

He said he has again asked police and the town’s code enforcement officer to begin issuing citations to violators of the recently adopted ordinance amendments.

“I am pretty sick of it and looks like the only way to get some cooperation is to hit them in the pocketbook,” the Mayor said.

Mayor Scott said the trashy situation along Pollock Street is an eyesore.

“You cannot place any construction materials, such as windows, boards, doors, siding, brick, furniture, appliances, cabinets, and mattresses for pickup,” said the Mayor.

He said that is why the town has a free recycling center on Talton Ave. for those types of items.

“You must take it there and we have someone there who will help you unload it. It is free and that simple,” Mayor Scott said.

Mayor Scott went on to say to violators, “First, you get a warning. After that it can result in fines to $500.

“We have many houses where people move out of and leave their trash. It is the responsibility of the property owner to clean up and cut their grass. The only items the town will pick up on the curb is yard waste and household trash,” he said.

Mayor Scott said he wants to see some results.

“It gives a poor impression of our town and it is time for all this to come to a stop,” the Mayor said.

He also made a note that local businesses are not exempt from the local laws.

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