Calypso Rec. problems spilling out into streets

by Barry Merrill

Tribune Publisher

A Calypso Town Board member and his wife came into the board meeting last Monday openly complaining about the abusive parents driving through their yard to park at the town ballpark. They left with assurances the problems would be fixed.

The Recreation Department management of the recently opened spring seasons, while not on the agenda, became a major topic of conversation during an unusually emotional regular monthly town board meeting.

Commissioner David “T-Bone” Tyndall complained that he had to physically move a traffic cone out of the entrance to his driveway in order to drive to the town meeting. His wife. Lisa, came in some time later, but she was equally upset.

Other board members acknowledged many ballpark neighbors were complaining.

The traffic cones are to help direct parents to access routes to parking while their kids participate in the various games at the park. They also are to alert traffic that youngsters are running into the street in the area.

Improvements at the park along with new homes built on lots near the park that had been used for parking are contributing to the parking problem.

A clearly frustrated Mrs. Tyndall complained that some parents were driving through their yard, and they had moved a vehicle to block that.

Mr. Tyndall stated that putting out cones to block the street was in violation of town ordinances and he and his wife advocated that the cones be done away with. “They are driving over them and not obeying them,” Mr. Tyndall said.

Commissioner Bill Rose suggested maybe “No ball field traffic” signs might help. Mr. Tyndall replied, “if they get that far down the street, they will find a place to park.”

Later in the meeting, Adam Brown came in. He announced that over the weekend the volunteer Recreation Department Board of Directors had resigned and new officers had been elected: Michael Holmes, Taylor Knowles, and Mr. Brown had been elected president, vice president, and treasurer respectively.

Mr. Brown said he and the board were pledged to work with the residents and town board to do whatever it took to fix the parking problem. “Tell me where you want me to put the cones and I will go move them right now,” he said.

The board was appreciative of his willingness to respond to the complaints.

When asked about using the second field, which a big opening day fund raiser was suppose to fund, Mr. Brown confessed the board had held up on that until some old bills were paid.

Recreation Commissioner Cynthia Reynolds later reported to the board that the department had agreed for an audit of their books to get things in order.

The board agreed if a Sheriff’s deputy could be assigned to the ballpark, that should help. Mrs. Reynolds said she had already been in conversation, and would be requesting the deputy for coming ballgames.

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