Faison board concerned about speeders

By Barry Merrill

Tribune Publisher

Are cars getting airborne when they cross the railroad tracks in Faison?

It was a semi-serious question before the Faison Town Board at their regular monthly meeting last Wednesday.

Most of the conversation centered on 18-wheeler traffic on N.C. 403 through town exceeding the speed limit, but as Mayor Carolyn Kenyon stressed, the problem exists on all streets.

Commissioner Melba Brewer suggested the town erect signs imposing a lower speed limit throughout town, as some towns post.

Public Works Director Jimmy Tyndall suggested part of the problem, particularly on N.C. 403, is the speed limit isn’t reduced until drivers reach the post office. He said many drivers routinely exceed the speed limit by five or more m.p.h., and wouldn’t have enough time to effectively reduce their speed to the lower downtown speed of 25 m.p.h. when they go through the stoplight at 117.

Mr. Tyndall said speeding drivers are a danger to town crews working in the streets.

Mayor Kenyon said she had talked with Sheriff’s Dept. officers whom the town contracts with about more speed limit enforcement in the town. Mr. Tyndall said the trailer that reads out the speed of approaching motorists has been refurbished and successfully used.

Mr. Tyndall in conclusion said he would be making some recommendations on speed limit changes next month, but asked the board to discuss the issue in the interim.

Mayor Kenyon also said trucks parking on Main St., blocking the vision of drivers had become a serious issue. She related a near accident, but Mr. Tyndall said there was often a lack of concern by drivers.

The board agreed to having “No Truck Parking” signs put in the area on Main St.

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