WCDA head forced out

by Barry Merrill

tribune publisher

Crystal Gettys the head of the Wayne County Development Authority, has resigned, effective Friday, April 20.

The resignation came in a meeting with County Manager Craig Honeycutt.

County Commissioners Chairman Bill Pate and Commissioner Joe Daughtery were also present.

Mr. Daughtery confirmed Sunday that the decision to request her resignation came after six months of dissatisfaction over a lack of positive results from WCDA. Mr. Daughtery said the request came from a full and unanimous vote of the county commissioners.

Ms. Gettys was hired in Wayne County from Lincoln County at the recommendation of recently retired County Manager George Wood. She had worked for Mr. Wood in a similar position there while he was Lincoln County Manager.

According to some reports, the Wayne County Development Authority Board of Directors was not consulted formally on the decision before the forced resignation.

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