Police will pull up illegal signs

by William Holloman

Staff writer

Mayor Joe Scott is tired of it. Town manager Charles Brown is tired of it. Tolerance is over.

Both Mayor Scott and town manager Brown make it adamantly clear if you violate the town’s sign ordinance you can look for legal problems.

The issue of concern is advertising signs being placed on town and state right of way. It is against local law. The town had earlier explained its position with comments to the Tribune, but now says some apparently did not get the message or didn’t understand it.

Officials said, “Violate the town sign ordinance and expect immediate legal recourse from the town and a visit from police.”

“We are now enforcing the removal of advertising signs and campaign signs that violate town ordinance,” said Mayor Scott. “The time has come to clean it up. I have informed our code enforcement officer to make sure these signs are removed.”

He said both state and local regulations prohibit signs on local and state right of way (primarily roadsides). However, such signs can be placed on private property.

He also said any church or civic groups should contact town hall when erecting signs to make sure they are conforming with local regulations.

Mayor Scott further commented that current signs along Henderson Street (a main entrance to the University of Mount Olive) “look terrible and give a bad impression to our town.”

Town manager Brown said what he is seeing along some roadsides in town are a very clear violation of the town’s ordinance.

He said the local regulation will be enforced and “It can get expensive to violators.”

Brown said the majority of the problem is from people who do not even live in Mount Olive who come in and place advertising signs on the side of the road or street. It not only violates local ordinance, but also is not fair to local businesses.

He called it, “A slap in the face as well as being illegal. It is something we are not going to continue to tolerate”

Repeated offenses can carry up to a $500 fine.

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