Broadband up in MO

by William Holloman

Staff writer

Town is 1st in Wayne to offer better, faster wireless Internet

Open Broadband has announced the activation of high speed internet service to the Mount Olive Airport.

It should also be ready for activation to the downtown area within the next two weeks, local officials said.

“Mount Olive,” said Mayor Joe Scott, “is the first town in Wayne County to bring broadband to the area. it is faster and more cost effective to homeowners.”

Scott continued to say, “Now we can reach out from our water towers to a five mile radius and give service to those who don’t have Internet. We will have free wifi down Center Street for our residents to use openly and residents will have the opportunity to purchase wifi for their computers at a reasonable rate”

Currently, Internet is being provided to Bass Aviation, the Vidant East-Care Medical Group, and visitors to the airport.

Open Broadband offers high-speed, symmetrical internet service to residents and businesses with upload/download speeds ranging from 25 Mbps up to 1000 Mbps.

Bass Aviation President Mike Bass said, “Our previous DSL service was too slow to operate effectively, and we wasted a lot of time waiting for uploads and downloads. With Open Broadband we were able to get high speed internet delivered without the huge expense of pulling in fiber optics.”

Now, Open Broadband delivers fixed-wireless internet service to the airport from a local water tower, arranged through a tower/lease contract with the Town of Mount Olive.

Firm officials said the company is building a free public wifi zone for downtown that will serve the outside area along Center Street from John to Pollock Streets. It’s purpose is to encourage more visitors to the downtown area.

“We are delighted to have an ISP bringing in ultra-high speed internet to our community,” said town manager Charles Brown. “Affordable and accessible high-speed internet has been an issue for sometime. Now, we have a commercial provider who has stepped up to the plate.”

Open Broadband is currently taking signups for internet service in the southern portion of the county, running along the NC Highway 55 corridor from Seven Springs through Mount Olive to the Grantham Community.

Officials said Mount Olive is being turned up now and other communities will be in the weeks ahead.

Open Broadband is headquartered in Waxhaw, N.C. CEO Alan Fitzpatrick said, “Our internet speeds are up to 100 times faster than DSL, and the symmetrical nature of our service means file uploads occur just as fast as downloads.” The upload capacity is especially important to businesses that rely on cloud computing.

“Everything that we have now, even our telephones are basically on the internet and this new service will save us about $400 a month when we switch to Broadband,” said town manager Charles Brown.

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