Florida school shootings raise local security concerns

By Barry Merrill

Tribune Publisher

Wayne County Commissioner Ray Mayo of Pikeville raised concerns over the safety of the county’s students and teachers.

Last Tuesday at the close of the County Commissioners’ meeting he raised the issue, and again expressed his concerns at a joint meeting with the school board Wednesday.

Tuesday morning Wayne County Sheriff Larry Pierce immediately responded that he and Schools Superintendent Dr. Michael Dunsmore met immediately after the Florida shootings and they had doubled the Sheriff Department officers in the schools.

Wednesday, Mr. Mayo related the sheriff’s response, but he asked if there was more that could be and should be done. He acknowledged that it was a joint responsibility of the county commissioners and school board to come up with answers.

Rather than get involved in the gun control debate and wait on Washington’s resolution, he questioned if the county should do more.

Fellow Commissioner Ed Cromartie noted that most of his family were either students or staff at county schools, and he wanted the county to make them secure.

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