Dudley chop shop located; Williams sought in connection

By William Holloman

From reports

A number of motor vehicle theft and possession of stolen property charges have been filed against a Dudley man, 63-year-old Theodore Robinson of 124 Elkin Drive. He has been jailed and another is being sought in an alleged auto theft ring that included a “chop shop.”

Investigators with the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department filed the charges. Robinson is being held under a $30,000 bond on five counts of possession of stolen motor vehicles and one count of possession of stolen property.

Officers said the charges resulted when they received information regarding stolen vehicles off of Sleepy Creek Road in Dudley. They said on November 24, officers on patrol identified two wreckers being driven by two males on Sleepy Creek Road. A traffic stop was initiated on both vehicles, which were confirmed stolen. Robinson was arrested at the scene.

Both wreckers were seized and returned to their owners. Further investigation revealed more vehicles had been stolen in the same area. A “chop shop” was located on Griswold Lane, and 13 vehicles that had been stolen were seized. The vehicles, officers said, showed altered identification numbers.

They said they also recovered a lawnmower during the search of the chop shop area.

In connection with the incident, warrants have been issued for 44-year-old Kelvin Henry Williams, no address. He is known to frequent the Dudley, Mount Olive, and Goldsboro area.

Anyone with information as to the whereabouts of Williams is asked to contact the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department at 919-731-1480 or the Wayne County Crime Stoppers at 919-734-8177.

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