Mayoral candidate Scott irked by campaign sign vandalism

By William Holloman

Staff Writer

Mount Olive mayoral candidate Joe Scott says he is bothered that vandals have destroyed one of his campaign signs and stolen several others at several locations throughout town.

Scott, an incumbent town commissioner in district 4, has filed a report with Mount Olive Police. The complaint is being investigated, officials said.

Scott told the Tribune he learned of the destruction of one of his signs two weeks ago. “I was out of town, and when I got back I got a call telling me one of my signs had been ripped apart and left lying in the yard,” Scott said. He said he has since found three more of his signs missing.

Scott, who seeks the Town of Mount Olive’s mayor’s seat, said he is highly upset about the vandalism. He said the signs are expensive. He has approximately 125 of them scattered throughout town, he said.

Mayor Ray McDonald Sr. announced that he will not run for the seat again in November. Scott is being challenged in the mayoral race by two others: Jessie Jack Faison and James (Jimmy) Mayo.

Scott said if police make an arrest in the vandalism and theft of his signs, he will go to whatever it takes in prosecuting the accused.

Town Manager Charles Brown said he too is upset about the incident and wants to make sure there is protection for any and all candidates in the upcoming November election. “We don’t have a place for this type thing here and I am hopeful police can make an arrest,” he said. He called it a criminal offense of vandalism, just like street signs and other signs, and said police will handle it just like any other complaint.

Scott’s official police report reported that he placed the sign at Beems and East Pollock Street on September 29 and he “found it pulled up and cut in half on October 2.” Scott said although the individual sign was valued at only $3.57, he has 125 of them throughout town and the theft and vandalism can be expensive.

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