$5 mil in infrastructure improvements underway in Mount Olive

By William Holloman

Staff Writer

You might think $5 million in improvements should result in something tangible, and you would be right: but you’ll be able to see it in your own home.

“When you get better water capacity and pressure and better sewer service, you can credit it all to work now going on,” said Mount Olive Town Manager Charles Brown.

Town of Mount Olive current infrastructure work in progress totals about $5 million, and is all aimed at improvements in town provided water and sewer services.

Brown said 100 percent of the current work is going on in the south end of Mount Olive, and some residents may question that. Brown said about the only thing noticeable for residents in the south end of town will be the street resurfacing effort.

“All the rest of it is underground,” he said.

Brown said sewer lines are currently being replaced on Kelly Street to provide better water pressure and volume. Water and sewer lines are also being replaced on Williamson and Fleer Streets, providing the same pressure and volume improvements.

Other current projects are the replacement of sewer lift stations on Church and Franklin Streets, County Road, and Cleveland Drive.

“All of this work is in progress as we speak,” said the town manager.

He said other work in progress that residents will be able to notice is street resurfacing on Johnson, Silver and Elmore Streets.

“We continue to work as much as possible on our infrastructure to make sure we get it into the best shape as possible,” Brown said. “Infrastructure in Mount Olive is basically water and sewer improvements, and all of it is underground, but it is still an ongoing effort to provide better service to our residents.

“This infrastructure is necessary to provide clean water, storm drainage, and sewer service. It is an ongoing work, because we have an infrastructure system in place than is more than 100 years old.”

He said workers periodically still find paper and old clay pipes underground, and that is not workable today.

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