Wood defends school board’s decision on Tommy’s Road mobile classrooms

Wayne County Manager George Wood responded to his county commissioners’ criticism of a decision to put mobile classrooms at Tommy’s Road Elementary this fall. “I don’t think they had any choice,” he told commissioners Tuesday morning.

During the county commissioners’ meeting, the county manager presented a power point prepared by the Schools Superintendent outlining how to meet requirements in the new state budget, Wayne County will need to provide 20 more classrooms in the fall to meet the provisions of House Bill 13, and will need approximately 50 more classrooms the following year. The bill calls for lowering class size in grades K-3 by about 20%.

There is some additional lottery funding available, but given the immediacy of the needs for the next two years, Mr. Wood said he believed the mobile classrooms would be needed regardless, even with the school construction recently funded by the county.

Mr. Wood also told his board he had asked that during their next joint meeting with the school board, hopefully in September, the Superintendent would present his plan to meet the needs.

The presentation also says the county may have to bear the costs of additional teacher funding.

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