We want your drugs: New service unveiled by police chief

By William Holloman

Staff Writer

Citizen requests over the years for help in disposing of unused prescription drugs have finally fallen on attentive ears. Mount Olive Police Chief Tommy Brown unveiled a new project that will allow residents to take their prescription drugs to the police department. The department will take care of their safe disposal. He said a container has been set up in the police department lobby for residents to drop them off at any time during normal working hours.

“This is in response to a lot of requests, and I certainly compliment the police department for hearing those requests and finding a way to address them,” said Town Manager Charles Brown. He called it “foresighted and forward thinking.” The new service will hopefully limit cases of accidental child poisoning, and cases of residents flushing prescription drugs down their toilets. Brown said prescription drugs flushed down toilets cannot be broken down in sewage waste treatment plants.

“Once those drugs are flushed down the toilet and they get into the system, they wind up in the Neuse or Cape Fear Rivers and it will become an issue to someone downstream. I don’t know how much of an impact that is on the ecosystem, but it seems to me it is better not to have them at all,” the town manager said.

He urges citizens to take advantage of the new service. “Just drop them off and be done with them,” he said.

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