Unanimous vote for newest commissioner

By William Holloman
Staff Writer

The Town of Mount Olive has a new face on the board of commissioners.

Mrs. Barbara Kornegay, the current Vice President of Enrollment at the University of Mount Olive, was sworn in as the new District 3 commissioner. She replaces Tom Preston, who announced his resignation at the board’s May meeting. He cited business issues. Preston is moving to Wilmington.

The Mayor said Preston “has always been a stabilizing force on our board” and wished him well. Mrs. Kornegay was recommended by Preston to fill his seat. The vote was unanimous. Commissioner Kenny Talton was not present.

Mrs. Kornegay was sworn in by Mayor Ray McDonald, Sr., who said she has a lot to offer to the current board.

Mrs. Kornegay had earlier announced that she planned to run for a seat on the town board in the upcoming November election. Her plans at that time were to run against incumbent at large commissioner Jerry Harper. Mrs. Kornegay is the widow of the late George Kornegay.

“We are glad to have Barbara Kornegay on board. I have met with her and we went over the budget and she had some excellent questions. I think she will make a huge contribution to the board and to the Town of Mount Olive,” said Town Manager Charles Brown.

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