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90% child bone mass acquired by age 20 - nutrient packed foods can help
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Too much of a good thing? 4 ways you're doing cardio wrong
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Despite strides against all cancers, liver cancer rates on the rise
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Enjoy Nutrition on a Mission
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Zika Isn't Going Away: Stay Safe With These Tips
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5 ways to make a difference for kids with childhood cancer
Second Annual Open Talk About Open Enrollment [Infographic]
Travel tips to help introverts enjoy every journey
Changes in your household? Tips for updating your insurance
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Thyroid and pregnancy: What every woman needs to know [Infographic]
Get a garden program growing at your school with these tips
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Veterans find hope and healing through creative arts
What you still don't know about breast cancer
How well do you know your heart? [Infographic]
World Contraception Day: What Birth Control is Right for You? [Infographic]
6 fast and fun after-school snack ideas
Known and unknown causes of stroke [Infographic]
Managing depression with the help of your iPhone: Advancements that are making waves
Are you at risk for an OTC pain medicine overdose?
Nutrient-rich ingredients, simple prep are keys to easy, healthy family meal times
It's Open Enrollment Time: 5 Tips for Selecting the Right Health Benefits
Easy tips for smart snacking
What's new in nutrition: 5 simple things you need to know
Fall into these 4 healthy habits
Worried about BPA? 5 things you may not know about this common chemical
Baseball legends are speaking up about advanced prostate cancer - here's why you should listen
Tips to help you weather winter with healthier eyes
Top 8 myths about emergency contraception [Infographic]
5 things you can do to choose the right type of OTC pain reliever for you
Creating confidence: 8 steps to feeling more self-assured
5 things this country music artist wants you to know about a serious lung disease
Silent stroke is not so silent
Women: Are you listening to your body?
Critical illnesses are expensive - are you prepared?
Foot advice you can use [Infographic]
A four-point plan for joint health
The truth about speaking freely [Infographic]
Is your teen ignoring you or is it hearing loss?
How to save money on health care
How to use color psychology when painting your home
5 reasons to make a career in fitness
The evolution of sutures: Meet the suture of the future [infographic]
Dialysis patients could gain better access to coordinated care if bill passes
Staying active with arthritis [infographic]
How technology is simplifying relief of chronic pain
Diagnosed with lymphoma? What's next [Infographic]
Foot care tips to keep vacationers on the go
Stay pool-cool without chlorine: There's a healthy alternative
Top tips for healthy hydration: You're probably missing this key ingredient
Focusing on Family Health: August is National Immunization Awareness Month
Parent snack hacks to fight after-school hunger
Your child's school is nut-free. Now what?
7 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Kiwifruit
Seniors: 5 simple secrets for overcoming gym intimidation
A look into Duchenne muscular dystrophy
In baseball, overuse injuries plaguing more young athletes
Steps to keep your feet looking and feeling their youngest
Healthy eating tips for kids when dining out
Skin care tips: How to get beautiful skin [Infographic]
Taking parents back to school to learn about MenB
3 simple ways men can improve their health
Back to school with diabetes: 5 steps to keep your child safe at school
5 mosquito facts you should know
5 superfoods that support kids' eye health
Wondering why you're so awake? These 5 tips might help
Pulling back the curtain on shower secrets [infographic]
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