Vote, or shut up and join the Army


The election is just a few weeks away, and it always triggers a little disgust and patriotism on my part.

Everyone who knows me is aware of my conservative views, and I stand by and will defend them.

Two things should be required of you as an American.

The law should require you to vote, and if you are a male and can pass a real physical examination the day you turn 18 years old you should be required to serve two years of active duty in the military ­— no questions or excuses.

You so-called liberals can run your lips out a foot or two, but I and millions of others are disgusted with the direction this country is headed.

We are disgusted with seeing the generations-old values of our America being trampled and torn and terrorized by self-proclaimed do-gooders, and free-loaders looking to advance their idiotic causes at the expense of those quickly becoming a minority.

Men marrying men and women marrying women doesn’t get my approval either.

That being the case then I feel discriminated against if the law will not allow me to marry my dog.

We have lived together for the last three years and no one has complained. She is loyal, doesn’t complain, and always wags her tail when I come home.

And, yes, I strongly believe in my right to bear arms to protect myself from a growing segment of our society with little ambition or intent other than to rob and hurt me while I am in my own home.

Yes, I will shoot you if you try to break into my house with that intent. I also believe if you are in my yard uninvited, you are a target, not a trespasser.

Why in the last couple of years has our elected leader been viewed by many as the enemy?

It gets worse: now police have become the enemy and targets. Folks, there are bad apples in every basket, but we don’t need to throw the whole basket away.

One of our biggest problems in this fast-paced, break-in-line, you-owe-me society is the disappearance of dirt roads.

Everybody knows you should stop to smell the roses, but many today don’t even know what a rose looks like.

All waters flow to the ocean, but it, too, is quickly becoming polluted.

I hope you will vote on Nov. 5. If not, hush your mouth and join the Army — the U.S. Army or Marines or Navy or Air Force. I believe all branches need a few good men. Do something for your country instead of whining and wanting.

Your turn: it is called letter to the editor, or phone call to the publisher for those of you who are better than everyone else.

My response now and then will still be, I respect your right to be wrong.

I also hope you never have to be awakened looking down the barrel of an AK-47.


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