Town’s new 2021 vehicles have arrived


Seven new vehicles have arrived and are in service by town officials.

The Mount Olive Police Department received three 2021 Dodge Chargers. Also in the fleet are three Chevrolet Silverados and one Chevy Traverse. A 2021 Dodge Ram for the wastewater treatment plant has not arrived.

Jammie Royall, town manager, said next year’s order has been placed: five Silverados, two Dodge Chargers, two pickup trucks and an SUV for the police department. Each vehicle will be new.

Town officials adopted a new vehicle policy three years ago with Enterprise Fleet Management. After a five-year period there would not be a vehicle in the town’s fleet older than five years, according to a contract with the company.

Two years remain on the deal.

Royall said the new policy has provided tremendous savings compared to previous years when the town averaged approximately $15,000 for yearly maintenance. The new vehicles have undergone routine maintenance, but have incurred no major repairs.

The town is prepared to trade nine vehicles next year. 

Plans for the final year include six vehicle replacements along with service trucks.

Royall said that when a vehicle is replaced, it sells for almost what the new one costs. When a vehicle is sold, the money goes back to the town toward the purchase of a new one.

“Of course, we buy the new vehicles on a company plan and that makes them a lot cheaper than on the market,” Royall said. “The only maintenance problems we are having now is on things like tractors and lawn mowers and things like that.”


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