Time to revive Sparky


When I think of the state of things, these words come to mind: chaotic, disgusting, outrageous, unacceptable, insanity, and on and on.

It could continue, but words are only words.

Talk is cheap. What we need to see is the walk, not this continuous disruption of the daily way of American life that law-abiding citizens want and work for.

These mass murders continue as if it is a game of beat-the-record for some.

It should be clear from the beginning: Gun control that treads on the right to bear arms is not an answer. Such response as that is little more than a Band-Aid approach to a massive wound.

This is an issue that cries for walking the walk. I and Americans across the country are tired of hearing the talk, talk, talk.

What we need are laws that bite with deadly, final-solution venom.

I support capital punishment, but what has happened to it? Does it actually exist?

Seems to me that open/shut cases as we have just seen in Texas and Ohio (with a still-living suspect in custody) are already resolved as of guilt.

We all know he did it, so why dwell for weeks and months and even years on why he did it?

Hey, Sparky, where are you?

Executions today are rare, and that in itself is outrageous. Our judicial system is riddled with flaws. A major overhauling is due.

Laws in a Democratic society are crafted to prevent chaos among the populace.

Right now, there is widespread chaos on nearly every corner of every street in our nation, from sea to shining sea.

It seems sensible to me if chaos exists then laws are not working. If it is broke, fix the damned thing!

Who cares why he did it? He did it.

Those already on death row have been, and still are being pampered.

They are given free clothing, free housing, free food, free medical attention, and other benefits the heart bleeders say they deserve because we are a civilized nation. Really?

They are also given endless chances to live and breathe the same air they snatched away from others who were totally innocent.

The latest victims in Texas were grandmothers and grandfathers, mamas and daddies, and sons and daughters.

Think of the misery and the rage left because of this senseless act. Isn’t it quite clear he did it?

In Ohio, where nine others died and two dozen were wounded, one of the victims was the shooter’s sister.

Go get Sparky.

Due process needs a limitation, but in all likelihood this latest incident will be tacked on the continuing multiplying burden of law-abiding American taxpayers again footing the bill.

No, this is not a gun-control issue. It is not a racial issue. It is a get-real issue, better known as time to walk the walk.

It is an issue of strengthening our laws that send out a message from the judicial system: We are not your mama. We don’t pamper or babysit. Go to Walmart to get your diapers.

As a friend recently observed, the time has arrived to get Sparky out of storage, and let these mothers ride the lightning.

Hello, Sparky. Enough is enough.

William Holloman is a staff writer for the Mount Olive Tribune.


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