Thoughts to end the week ...


Just a few thoughts to end the week:

Thanks go out to the North Carolina Highway Patrol for its efforts last week to put a stop to idiots passing stopped school buses.

I see those violations daily, and find it hard to understand the mindset of those violators who are in such a hurry they cannot wait for a school bus to unload the most precious cargo this nation has — our children.

The announcement last week by state Sen. Jim Perry and Rep. John Bell that the $5.5 million has finally been authorized for the town of Mount Olive to fix major issues at its wastewater treatment plant is an announcement much, much more than a political horse and buggy show.

Of course, such announcements are always political, but this one gave a lot of credit to Mount Olive Mayor Joe Scott.

Mayor Scott pretty much worked his butt off to get this money. He and town Commissioner Harlie Carmichael even met with legislators on a hot July Fourth holiday and toured the local plant to explain the issues and the dire needs for the state funding that was bogged down in a political stalemate.

Town Manager Charles Brown told me when he learned of the good news it was an announcement that absolutely saved the entire future of the town.

He was right.

There have been issues at the wastewater treatment plant since day one, and it is a blunder from the past that should never happen again.

Thanks go out to Sen. Perry, Rep. Bell, Mayor Scott, Commissioner Carmichael and all the others who spent countless hours working on it.

It undoubtedly clears the way for things to begin moving, and quickly in Mount Olive.

Still no word on the opening of the new seafood restaurant in the old Valin’s Café building on Center Street.

Come on, folks. I am a seafood lover, and particularly go crazy over oysters.

We are in the oyster season right now. Don’t know exactly what the issue is, but hope it gets settled soon.

UMO’s Trojan hoopsters played the North Carolina State University Wolfpack last weekend and our own T.J. Edwards was on the sideline with his famous camera and covered the game.

The young journalist/photographer is a talented young man, and doing an outstanding job for The Tribune. He sure has got a lot of get up and go, and a great attitude.

Whatever you do, don’t forget to vote next week — Nov. 5. Polls are at the train depot and Carver Cultural Center. Hours are from 6:30 a.m. until 7:30 p.m.

Clocks are turned back one hour the first Sunday in November. Turn them back one hour before you go to bed on Saturday night and get that extra one hour of sleep.

William Holloman is a staff writer for the Mount Olive Tribune.


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