President to Iran: Bring it on, ladies. Let’s rock and roll


This piece certainly is no political endorsement, but I am thankful we finally have a president with the gumption to let those who hate us know it is game time and we will play to win.

The deployment of U.S. Marines and sky troopers of the 82nd Airborne, both from North Carolina military bases, clearly sends out the signal it is game time, not practice.

None of those guys want to be there, but they are and probably are not happy campers. It is a job to them and they will get it done.

In other words, I would say the troops are a little ill.

Over the years we have seen too many weak politicians directing our military.

Our military has the best trained soldiers in the world and are the best equipped and fed soldiers in the world.

President Donald Trump is obviously behind them.

It appears to me that our president is sick of threats and has taken on the attitude of “Bring it on, ladies. Let’s rock and roll.”

I am a veteran of Vietnam and watched the disgust of political involvement during those times of change.

Now, 50 years later, I am seeing a president who does not hesitate.

Such folks he is directing that message to might want to get used to it.

Gotta respect the guy.

We simply have too many threats within our borders to let others on the outside push us around and divert our attention.

No one wants war and it appears both sides are easing off a little.

Still, if you own any real estate in Iran it might be a good idea to sell it.

Iraq pushed and pushed us around until we pushed back with a roar and made it clear the talk was over. The rest of that story is in the history books.

Our military leadership is most likely more comfortable with a supportive president than it has been in decades.

Our military buildup in the Middle East is the real thing and is probably going to serve as a deterrent to those screaming “Death to America.”

Terrorism is also a real thing and is a worldwide cancer living off the slaughter of the innocent. It is a realistic and cautious buildup of personnel and equipment.

Iran is treading through dangerous waters that could explode into those highways of death again.

Now is the time for diplomacy on both sides.

That is difficult when one side has one mission: death to America and democracy.


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