Mount Olive may bottle its own water for promotional purposes


Mount Olive officials are looking at bottling and marketing its own water for promotional purposes after the North Carolina Rural Water Association declared it had the state’s best-tasting H2O.

The recent honor marked the second time in four years the town has earned that coveted award.

Town Manager Charles Brown admits there has been conversation about possibly bottling the water for both sale and for promotional purposes.

“We have talked about it and are looking into all the issues,” he said.

Mayor Joe Scott also said he too thinks it is an excellent idea.

He said the town is known for a number of things — its pickles and the pickle festival, the University of Mount Olive and the home of Southern Bank’s corporate headquarters.

Adding “home of the state’s best tasting water” is another great marketing tool, he said.

“Obviously, this speaks well for the town and when we won that award four years ago I notified brewery operations, because having the best tasting water in the state is one of their most needed prime ingredients,” Brown said. “We start out with an excellent product, because our water comes from deep underground aquifers. So, it is pure water to begin with and the personnel in our water department do an outstanding job in doing what has to be done with it before it gets to our customers.”

Brown said the award is a great asset to the town and a great item to promote.

Still, the town manager is cautious and said, “Looking into it and doing it are two different things.”

“It is something we have talked about, but I don’t know how realistic it is at this point,” Brown said.


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