Let’s talk about the weather


The most declarative, simple way I know to express the change in the weather is ­— ain’t y’all glad?

Next best is to see a little frost on the pumpkin, on the lawn or on the windshield.

Time has arrived to get out the long johns and the sweaters.

I grew up with a wood- or coal-burning stove-type heating system to warm a home with cold hardwood floors and linoleum in the kitchen and bathroom. We had only one of those inside washhouses, and had to heat water on the stove for a hot bath in the bathtub.

The fireplace came a little later in my life and was mostly used as a fixture to create a romantic setting.

Today, even that has been tossed aside with gas logs and remote controls.

Aside all of that, these comfortable nights and crisp mornings and the noticeable change in the color of the leaves is a welcome and long-awaited change.

Already, folks are beginning to rake and burn leaves. The county fair has come and gone. Halloween is only two weeks away. Football is well underway. The World Series is right around the corner. Just yesterday, I got a whiff of someone grilling steaks.

I have not fished for a number of years, but some friends are childishly apprehensive about the weeklong trip they take every fall to the Outer Banks.

Never recall them ever catching a lot of fish, but they always indulge in an abundance of adult beverages, sleep and a lot of lies and complaining.

Ain’t y’all glad the season has finally decided to change and right now is in the piddling around stage in the dressing room?

The 60s- and 70s-degree daytime temperatures and the dip into the 50s at night prompts most folks to wish for such as a yearround thing.

It would be nice, but we just can’t have it all.

Yes, we seem to have shorter winters and longer summers, but fall and spring still stand out when they arrive.

Right now, we have to be a little more patient and give the ol’ gal a few more weeks of primping in the dressing room, and she will one day boldly prance across the stage in attire near astonishment.

Autumn. Fall. Call it either, but it is here and everyone is opening windows and doors and gladly ushering in its arrival.

One more time — ain’t y’all glad?


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