Leave the campaign signs alone


I guess we will always have to deal with idiots, or more diplomatically said, help those who are a little short on freon.

What is it that gets someone enjoyment out of tampering with, removing, stealing, or destroying a political campaign sign?

The best way to oppose that candidate is go to the polls and vote.

However, you who are guilty apparently ain’t got enough sense to do that.

I have seen a lot of stupidity in my long newspaper career, but the current issue with political campaign signs here in Mount Olive rates at the top. It also sends out the red flag.

Why not just leave the signs alone? They are private property and are posted on private property.

If destroying them or removing them gives you the giggles, then you went to the wrong kindergarten.

Elections, even on the local level, can get nasty. We see that right here in our community, and should come forward and say “no more.”

Folks, it is against the law to mess with these signs.

Mayor Joe Scott told me the other day he has had at least 30 signs removed, damaged or destroyed.

He said he feels like he is being “targeted.”

That is pretty obvious to me.

The mayor also said it is “disheartening.”

Of course it is.

Those signs are not cheap either. They cost around $4.50 each.

I am hoping police surveillance cameras will provide the needed evidence for criminal charges to be filed.

This is not random vandalism. It appears to be a calculated and possibly paid-for violation of the law.

I see a red flag that decries desperation. Some folks simply cannot handle losing, and will do whatever, even flagrantly violating the law, to accomplish the advancement of their agenda.

This is all quite clear to me and clear to others who do their duty and go to the polls.

Songwriter/singer Bob Dylan wrote many years ago about times “changing.”

He was the voice of a movement that met head on with a populace that did not want change.

Change is inevitable, and we see it being challenged right now.

Leave the signs alone. It reflects little more than childish behavior. Sooner or later an arrest will be made. What a great front page story that will be — mug shot and all.

My first question will be: “Why did you do it and did someone pay you?”

In the courtroom, the final verdict should carry the maximum fine. It should also require the guilty one to go around and legally remove the signs of the candidate once the election is over.


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