I love my truck


I love my pickup truck, and right now I am worried about the old gal. She has been hospitalized, and far as I am concerned she is under intensive care.

I really don’t know what her problem is, but the mechanic doctor is working to get her up and rolling again.

Me and this old gal have been together for quite a few years.

She is a 1994 Ford Ranger with an extended cab and 4-wheel drive.

I bought and introduced her to my stable 11 years ago, and she was at the peak of her performance when we got together.

She even had a rear bumper sticker that read: “I had rather hunt with Dick Chaney than ride with Ted Kennedy.” It got my attention.

I bought her and immediately named her “Sweetie” after my late wife.

Just as my late wife, she has been faithful through the winters and the summers.

She has carried me down miles and miles of dirt and rural secondary roads.

Still, right now, I am worried about this old gal.

She has a great cooling and heating system, as well as a great sound system that I quit using a long time ago.

And, just a few weeks ago, I bought her a new pair of shoes — four of them with raised white letters. She looked so good with those new shoes and rode down the road like a Cadillac.

Then, Sweetie started getting sick, and one day she refused to crank. She left me stranded in the parking lot of the grocery store.

I tried in vain to crank her up, and finally she kicked in, took me home and eased into her stable.

Several days later she left me stranded again. I called the doctor. An appointment was made. Now, he has her for review or whatever.

I have no intentions of abandoning her because she is old and needs attention. Hell, I am pretty much in that same boat.

I remember the last thing I told the doc, the mechanic, was “fix her. She is my baby.”

She has been there for a few days. I miss her, and my dog misses her.

I told my dog the other night that we really need Sweetie back in the barn, because cooler weather is on the way and we all need to find us a dirt road to cruise.

I have doubts we can find one in Wayne, Duplin, Sampson, Greene or Lenoir counties.

Hello, September. Where is your sister, October?


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