Go git ’em, Sheriff Pierce, go git ’em good, and thanks!


I am grateful I am in a profession I can get the word out to the sheriff for his announcement of a crackdown on a big bunch of litterers. It is, and has been, a major problem, and it is also a subject I have written about in this column for many years.

I have nothing but disrespect and dislike for those who litter our streets, highways and front yards. And, sadly, over the years (more than 50 in this profession for me), I do not recall there ever being a littering charge filed against anyone.

Now, Sheriff Pierce has made it clear the time has come to “stop the trash.” Several years ago he initiated a highway clean-up campaign using jail labor. Tons have been picked up and I am sure you have seen them working the highways around our county.

Still, it is going to take more to send out a message that sinks in. The Sheriff’s Office and the county’s code enforcement officer have now joined forces and up front are asking for citizen cooperation.

Quite simply, what they are saying is do not litter our streets or highways, and if you do, and you get caught, it could expensive days for you. If you can’t do the time then don’t do the crime is another way of putting it.

I hope their vows will be carried out with a hardball attitude.

If all plays out well then it means it is time for the courts to step up to the plate with a home run in mind.

Pampering those convicted of littering is a waste of everyone’s time. Anyone convicted of littering, even a first offense (they have done it before), should be awarded a 30-day paid vacation to Sheriff Pierce’s bed and breakfast — better known as the Wayne County Jail.

I am not talking about a suspended sentence, but an active one. It should start with the issuance of a bright pink jailhouse suit required to wear while picking up trash along our streets and roads from sunup until sundown six days a week. Would not be a bad idea to add to the jailhouse attire some type of hat making it clear, “I am a litterbug.”

It is disgusting to me to see the trash dumped along our streets and roadways.

Folks, fully cooperate in this anti-litter campaign, and call authorities if you see someone dumping trash or tossing it out of their vehicle.

A little jail time, 30 days of hard work, and a meal of beans and bread ain’t going to kill the convicted violators. Add a big fine — chomping into the pocketbook always gets attention.

Go git ’em, Sheriff.

And, folks, don’t let this opportunity to do something about it pass you by.


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