Giants do fall


According to reports, a giant Pennsylvania skyscraper fell in a few seconds during a recent implosion; similarly, a giant company may also fall, and giants oftentimes exist in our personal lives. It has been stated that giants do fall, and the bigger they are, the harder they fall.

Falling companies sometimes undergo court-approved liquidation by closing numerous stores. Of course, the outcome may not be total destruction, if a company reorganizes. Good old-fashioned advice is this: Making money is desirable, but long-term planning with market-strategic moves is necessary for a sustainable future.

Likewise, hatred is one giant that needs to fall hard, and love can replace it. It has been stated that love is what the world needs now, because love is the only thing that’s too little. Unique giants and barriers may vary from person to person. So, since what one may be facing is sometimes unknown, I try to be less judgmental.

“The End,” which means the story is over, is an appropriate phrase to say to some things. Termination. It was the end of an era for that skyscraper, and it can also be the end of an era for some individual hindrances. As companies emerge from court protection, we can also emerge (under God’s protection) victoriously.

Prayer: Lord, help me to identify the giants or obstacles in my life that need to fall and be annihilated. A good casualty. I refrain from looking at the giants of others, but it’s me this time: I am standing in the need of prayer. I speak to mountains to be removed (Mark 11:23). I look for opportunities to perform acts of love. Much too little love in this world.

In Christ’s name and for His sake.


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