Democracy in danger


The heart of democracy skipped a serious beat recently when so-called patriots stormed the nation’s Capitol, leaving death and destruction.

It is not acceptable.

The thugs overwhelmed Capitol police, then plundered and vandalized the halls and offices where the laws of this nation are debated and enacted.

The horrid agony of the outcome is the laws of the land are the tools used to prevent chaos.

Such words as thugs and chaos and vandalism all give clear direction to a nation on the edge of revolution.

It is all because of a growing division eating at us like a cancer.

We all know what a divided house faces.

It all says one thing quite clearly — this is a wake-up call demanding attention and immediately.

What we saw on our television screens was Americans against Americans. This cannot continue.

Since the election of President Donald Trump four years ago it has been a non-stop Democrat/Republican battle.

It was allowed to continue and has now proliferated and exploded, while a torn nation of 328 million sat idly by without much of a murmur.

This is a dangerous reaction and sends us in the direction of negotiation, not retaliation.

It is a time to use unconditional application of our laws against the thugs who stormed the Capitol and made a mockery of all that we stand for.

It was not anywhere close to the Boston Tea Party or the brave men who gathered to sign the Declaration of Independence. It was a bunch of losers giving an audience of appalled Americans a real demonstration of what chaos is all about.

Even worse was when the smoke cleared, people had died and left blood stains never to be forgotten.

This should wake up responsible Americans who are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I can almost hear the response of many of our enemies as they say among one another, “Why don’t we help the thugs, and when it’s over we can just shoot them, too.”

Think about it. It may already be going on.

The reality of it all is life is one setback after another and all that matters is how we deal with it.

Right now, we are not even at the table.

It reminds me of an award-winning photo from World War II showing a Frenchman on the side of the street as victorious German soldiers arrogantly marched into Paris. Tears flowed down his face as France fell to the Nazi blitzkrieg.

Are we headed in that direction?

What we saw on television was disgust and surely it brought tears to millions.

This is not the America the “boomer” generation grew up in and made precious memories in.

Is this really our land from sea to shining sea?

William Holloman is a staff writer for the Mount Olive Tribune.


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