A few thoughts to end the week


Just a few thoughts to end the week….

I have spent the last two weekends traveling rural roads of Wayne and several surrounding counties in search of dirt roads. They are hard to find today.

The one still left in Wayne County that is probably as well known to locals as any is the one in Seven Springs that runs by the old historic hotel. It is a postcard scene.

Thanks to the Mount Olive Area Chamber of Commerce for its announcement of a Meet the Candidate forum set for Oct. 15 at 6:30 p.m. at Steele Memorial Library. A heated and quite nasty campaign has developed in the mayoral race, particularly between incumbent Mayor Joe Scott and challenger Kenny Talton.

Jessie Jack Faison also seeks that seat.

But, the rumors are rampant as to this and that and he said, she said, and OMG! Go to the forum. The rules will not allow any questions from the audience, but some candidate presentations in opening and closing remarks could cut deep.

I have always been a seafood lover, and when it surfaced that a seafood restaurant is opening in the old Valin’s Cafe on Center Street it triggered some excitement. Plans called for an opening on Oct. 15. I hope that still stands.

It will be called Carolina Fish Fry Express, and is a franchise out of Wilmington. I was told the restaurant will be open from 11 a.m. until 8 p.m. seven days a week. Can’t wait for this one.

Have you see the smiles our cops are showing off?

There is a lot going on in the police department. Officers are getting new 2019 model vehicles, new sidearm weapons and new body cameras. Don’t tell me the town does not care or take care of its officers who are out there on the street facing danger day after day.

Mount Olive residents should be proud of their police department.

Think about it, Mount Olive was among the first or maybe the first department in the entire state to have body cameras as routine and required gear.

Before the cameras were put into use, I recall hearing complaints about police brutality or abuse. When the body cameras were put into use the complaints dwindled to none. Hear that?

I want to put one rumor to rest.

The town of Mount Olive did not spend a penny for the new road, stop signs or the traffic lights at the new road off N.C. Highway 55 over to the Mount Olive Pickle Plant operations. It was a state expense. Period. End of conversation.

Hope you whining losers can find something else a little better to whine about.


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